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Stun Guns: Best Self-Defense Weapons

Self-defense is something you need to take time to perfect. Women are especially vulnerable to attacks by malicious people with criminal intent. A good idea is to go for self-defense classes to help you deal with such situations. If you have neither the time nor the energy for such, you need to take other measures. You have the choice of getting a weapon such as a stun gun, pepper spray, or an improvised weapon.

Statistics point out the gruesome reality of too many sexual assault crimes happening all around us. At no point in time is something terrible not happening to someone somewhere. You need to ensure that you are not a victim of such. There are many benefits that come with having a stun gun on you.

A stun gun is something not lethal. You need such a weapon if you are ever isolated in a dark space. This is how you shall disable the attacker without leaving them for dead. You need to avoid as much as you can any instance of you being in such a dangerous position. But if circumstances conspire to place you there, make sure you have this gun handy.

It happens to be a quick and effective solution. It releases an electric shock powerful enough to put down a large attacker. A second into contact with it shall cause pain and muscle contraction, three seconds in and they shall be immobilized. Three seconds into an attack would have otherwise been fatal. When you are taught how to handle it, you shall be even more effective with it.

It is also disguised. These guns are designed in many shapes and sizes. You can get a small one that shall fit into even the tiniest handbag. They, therefore, make for a surprise retaliation when least expected. They can be made to look like the common items like a flashlight, or a deodorant stick.

They are also priced right. This is a gun that will not need ammunition later, which makes it an even more affordable one to have. You will also see them with rechargeable batteries, which means you will not need to buy other batteries.

The stunning effect of this gun leaves the attacker in a confused, disoriented and unbalanced state. Their heart and organs are left intact. You can walk away without having been harmed. You should go for some training on how to use it to make sure you can use it safely.

When investing in this gun, you need to go for the one you can conceal well and use fast. You should go for one you shall like the style, one that matches yours. You need to also confirm if it is legal to carry one in your state.

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